Dr. K K Kunhammad

Psychologist | Counselor | HR Trainer | Life Coach | Teacher | Activist

Welcome to the professional journey of Dr. K K Kunhammad, a seasoned expert in psychology, counseling, human resources, coaching, education, and advocacy.

About Dr. K K Kunhammad

With extensive experience across various domains, Dr. Kunhammad has dedicated his career to fostering positive change in individuals and communities. As a psychologist and counselor, he offers insight and empathy to guide individuals on their personal journeys. His role as an HR Trainer enhances organizational effectiveness, while his skills as a life coach empower individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

Educator & Activist

As an experienced educator, Dr. Kunhammad has shaped minds and inspired learning in diverse settings. Committed to social change, he actively engages in advocacy work, promoting causes that contribute to a better society.

Connect with Dr. K K Kunhammad

Explore transformative possibilities with a professional who wears multiple hats. Whether you seek counseling, coaching, or educational insights, Dr. Kunhammad is here to guide you on your path to success.


With 34 years of unwavering commitment, Dr. Kunhammad has proudly shaped young minds as a dedicated teacher. His journey in education reflects a wealth of experience, fostering a love for learning and personal growth among his students.


As a parents' trainer, Dr. Kunhammad specializes in equipping caregivers with valuable insights and strategies for nurturing positive relationships with their children. With a focus on effective communication and understanding, he aims to empower parents in fostering a supportive and enriching environment at home.

Adolescence Training

Specializing as an adolescence trainer, Dr. Kunhammad brings expertise in navigating the complexities of this crucial life stage. His approach focuses on providing guidance and resources to empower both adolescents and their families in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities that arise during this transformative period.

Management Training

With a wealth of experience, Dr. Kunhammad is a seasoned management trainer. Over the years, he has honed skills in leadership development, strategic planning, and team dynamics. Collaborate to enhance your team's capabilities and achieve organizational excellence.

Career Guidance

As a career guide, Dr. Kunhammad offers personalized insights and strategies to help individuals navigate their professional journeys. Work together to identify strengths, passions, and goals, creating a roadmap for a fulfilling and successful career path.

Public Speaking

As a public speaking trainer, Dr. Kunhammad empowers individuals to communicate with confidence and impact. Through tailored coaching, he provides techniques to enhance public speaking skills, conquer stage fright, and deliver compelling messages. Unlock your full potential as a persuasive and engaging speaker.


  • Master Trainer: Conducted a 5-day management training program for Kerala higher secondary school teachers, enhancing their skills in curriculum development, teaching methodologies, and classroom management.

  • Core Resource Person and State Resource Person: Contributed significantly to shaping and improving the quality of commerce education in Kerala as a trainer for higher secondary school commerce teachers.

  • Career Guide: With 18 years of experience, Dr. Kunhammad has assisted individuals in making informed decisions about their career paths, providing guidance on educational and professional choices, and offering insights into various industries.